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4 days in Peru (Cusco, Machu Picchu & Lima)

  Apr. 27, 2018 (Friday) : I guess most people (like myself) come to Cusco or Cuzco in Peru because they are on the way to Machu Picchu. The center of Cusco is Plaza de Armas where I stand in … Continue reading

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初寫於2018年4月22日 (星期日): 嗨, 雖然昨天去了Flushing,今天一來不欲辜負美好的天氣和終於不再嚴寒的氣溫,二來為了幾日後的旅程來一個『臨時抱佛腳』的鍛鍊,三來感覺上已經好久沒有到曼哈頓走走了……,於是便下了決心乘 LIRR 跟 地下鐵 來到曼哈頓西岸。因為已經是中午,也因為好奇,我到 同事曾經跟我提過的在 Battery Park 走廊旁的 Ningbo Cafe 。我去之前已在網上查過、想好了,最後叫了上海炒年糕。味道淡淡的,但還行,不過那一碟的大小比我預期中的小多了,跟 $13 絕不對稱!當然也沒有吃不完可以打包帶回家的食物 😦 在 Flushing 極受歡迎的『上海豫園』,類似的炒年糕(那裡還有多種選擇!)如果沒有加價的話只要 $6.95 ! 而且記憶中,『上海豫園』的炒年糕很有味道! 特別是過了冬天,想在『上海豫園』吃午飯,大概要在十一點左右到達,要不然,接近十二點餐館門前就會出現打蛇餅的隊伍,要等好一陣子才能有座位。 Ningbo Cafe 貌似高級,我十二點半到時,外面才幾張檯子的客人,餐館裡面完全沒有人。由於陽光燦爛,預設選擇是外面的桌子,但我嫌外面冷, 成為唯一坐在餐館裡面的人。不過,我的座位靠著門邊,Hudson River 的明媚風光,還是一覽無遺的。那裡賣的就是這些風景吧,平日靠商業區的人,假日就靠遊客吧?起碼今天的生意就非常一般。所以,在曼哈頓南部, Wall Street、World Trade Center 或 Brooklyn Bridge 附近,『搵(唐餐)食』還是去唐人街划算。當然,今天從 World … Continue reading

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Only walking on those horrible roads in Kathmandu/Patan for 3 days …

My travel diaries in Nepal Written on Nov. 18, 2017 (night) : The online procedure leading to obtain a landing visa at the Kathmandu airport (TIA) actually works and with HKSAR passport it’s free…. The site is The first … Continue reading

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Dubai, UAE, from my experience

Deira, Dubai (2016-11-3) : So I have been to Dubai, UAE. 😎 Its metro system is connected to the airport and therefore the transport from the airport to one’s hotel is the easiest. The first mission I have assigned myself … Continue reading

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Elba Island & Pisa … why not just video-conferencing ?!

This is the 1st time that I’ve  joined the Elba workshops on “Forward Physics”.  So far, all (3) Elba workshops have been organized at the Hotel Hermitage of Elba Island.  While I was there, I was told that a senior management/physicist has got very … Continue reading

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How I view Panama and practicalities

Mar. 24-27, 2016 : I’ve read a bit about Panama in travel guide books and searched online before my trip to Panama.   When I arrived at Panama, Panama seemed a bit more modern and wealthier than my expectation (which … Continue reading

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Myanmar … brimming with optimism/hope/confidence ? …

Nov. 5-7, 2015 (Yangon/Dallah, Myanmar) : Downtown Yangon is just too densely populated and congested, which makes it dirty and filthy.  As a significant fraction of the roads/streets have been occupied by the street stalls or hawkers selling all sorts … Continue reading

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