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Making use of “Museum Day Live!” … Amazon bookstore … thinking/indulging in my random thoughts

Originally written on Sept 23, 2017 : While searching for “what to do in NYC this weekend” last night, I realized that this Sat. (today/Sept. 23, 2017) is this year’s “Museum Day Live!”, ie., a day of free entrance to … Continue reading

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How to earn a few bucks while reading a book …

Originally written on Aug. 19, 2017 (Sat.): People often give a lot of different meanings to (probably meaningless) life … but I very often think life is about how to waste ( — people use “spend”, “make use of” etc. … Continue reading

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Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity

When I borrowed this book (from the library), my purpose/intention was to try to see whether I may learn something about the theory of loop quantum gravity.  At the end, though I don’t feel that I have grasped too substantially about the … Continue reading

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QBism … cute but not useful yet ?!

QBism: The Future of Quantum Physics I am a little disappointed with what I have learnt from QBism (Quantum Bayesianism).  The subject that I’ve really got a clearer and better understanding from this book is the frequentist vs Bayesian interpretations … Continue reading

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Dubai, UAE, from my experience

Deira, Dubai (2016-11-3) : So I have been to Dubai, UAE. 😎 Its metro system is connected to the airport and therefore the transport from the airport to one’s hotel is the easiest. The first mission I have assigned myself … Continue reading

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About the book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”

I feel that I have learnt a lot of from this book, both in knowledge (such as the genus of Homo at the beginning of the book) and a few ideas which seem so obvious now but somehow I haven’t … Continue reading

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Reading about the LIGO project … their struggles and coming of age

Modified from an email written on Aug. 14, 2016: I’ve just finished reading a new book “Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space” published a few months ago, written by Janna Levin who is a professor at Barnard College … Continue reading

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