The Book of Joe

  The "Book Lists" are really lack of space for commenting in English for English books.  I just feel very unfinished if I don’t write down something.

  "The Book of Joe" is a good read but it doesn’t really have a climax and any suspense, but just indulge you with all kinds of emotions and sensations.  It’s probably like a friend telling you a story. Quite a few things are open-ended such as Joe and Carly, Brad and Cindy or Sheila.  You also don’t like Sean’s violence being unpunished.  And then, that’s it with Lucy Haber ?!  I’d thought there would be a sequel but apparently not.  Heart broken to know that I’d never hear about the characters ….
  Nevertheless, it’s probably like a real life.  Not everything, including the future, is really conclusively settled in life as in many movies or books.  We don’t know what the future is.  Happy ending is not guaranteed and we can just try our best …
  Jonathan Tropper’s bank of vocabularies seem enormous. I like his  "abject worthlessness" … I’ve probably forgot the others …
  The closest to heart portion of "The Book of Joe" is the dying father. When Joe got back to Bush Falls, he was no longer be able to talk to him for the last time.  It’s so like me going back to HK in Jan. 2004 but already too late for me to be able to speak to my Dad. Too bad ! But of course, unlike Joe (who hadn’t seen his Dad for 17 years), I’ve had good terms with my Dad. There was probably not much regret as I’d already practically done my best in his life. The other part that has reminded me is when Joe found out that his Dad had a collection of his novel in hardcovers and paperbacks, a poster of its theatrical release, a scrapbook with all the reviews in magazines & newspapers and even videos tracking his press. Obviously, he’s father has been proud of him in spite of all the lack of communication. This reminded me of my father making an album keeping the news of my being awarded the Rhodes Scholarship.
  This book, along with many other books that I’ve read,  has probably also taught me about writing a novel. You need something to appeal to the readers to continue to read your book to the last page.  No matter how touching the rest of the stories are, you need some tricks to tie the readers to your book without putting it down.
  The characters of Sammy Haber and Wayne Hargrove are well developed but the same can’t be said for Carly Diamond.  She seems a bit shallow to the readers. We don’t really how she felt and how saw things from her vantage point.  We could predict that Joe would want to get back with Carly but there was not much fervent emotion aroused inside the hearts of the readers. Overall, the book is a bit flat …

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