Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony

Some emails in early March about my finally getting the letter to take oath to become a US citizenship :


The aide to my district’s Congressman (in the House of Representatives) called me and emailed me yesterday to ask me to call him but I somehow missed that until late in the evening.

This morning, when I just called him and he told me that he called up the USCIS yesterday and they told him that I had been scheduled to take the oath to become a US citizen on Mar. 24, 2008 (in Central Islip — didn’t really know that my other friends/colleagues had taken the oath in this place).   That aide told me to call him again if I don’t get a letter by Friday.

But I don’t need to as I’ve already got the letter this evening when I came home.

I believe in statistics more !  And yesterday when I wrote to my Mom/sister, I was telling them all the bad lucks last week (which you could read, in Chinese, at the bottom of this email).   And ah ha …one can’t really have all the bad lucks without a good one !!!! It’s a bit like energy/momentum conservation … statistics needs to fluctuate on both sides to balance 🙂

Though the Congressman and actually his aide hadn’t really forced FBI or USCIS to do anything (as far as I know), they’ve been helpful in making enquiries — otherwise you might not be difficult/impossible or after a lot of delay to get anything from FBI and USCIS.  Though I wrote to Senator Clinton, she (or her aide) had never responded. Hmm … probably wouldn’t vote for her !   My FBI name-check was cleared on Dec. 11, 2008 and though I got a hint of this from a phone call of mine, this exact date was obtained from this aide, too.

Since ~9 months ago, I started to write a journal as to what I had done for naturalization and you may check:

I asked/bothered this Congressman aide last Tuesday saying that how come USCIS hadn’t replied to his Feb. 19, 2008 enquiry and ask him to ask again.   He didn’t do it until yesterday apparently.  In fact, I planned to bother him again today if he didn’t reply to me….

I look forward to receiving the letter and hopefully there won’t be another drama.



From: "Kin Yip"
Date: Monday, March 10, 2008 10:58 AM
To: "Karen .Y"
Cc: "Wong po fong"
Subject: Re: Fwd: Invitation to view Karen’s Picasa Web Album – 2008 Community Chest Fund Walk


上個星期,不少事都不爽 ! 星期一以為 看衛星電視發放到 coaxial 線路的東西壞了, 到星期二把它拆下來時才知道是某針歪、扁了,弄正了就沒事。(其實, 看衛星電視
并不一定要用coaxial , 我有兩個線路。)

但星期二不知怎的, 掉了眼鏡 ! 找了一個星期,都找不到 …看來這個最遲在2000年 買的眼鏡 終於和我永別了 😦 今天中午就去檢查眼睛, 配眼鏡。

星期三晚上, ~17:55, 從實驗室開車回家時, 竟被實驗室警察抓住, 說我在 30 mph 的地方開到 40 mph。雖然 ~$100 罰款將是系裡出, 但我會收到警告信。我好久都沒被實驗室警察抓過啦!

星期四, 開車時,防風玻璃被小石子甚麼的撞花了一點點。雖小,但由於我的保險對修玻璃特別優待(我一分錢也不用出)而且也是有點破,能修(如真的只是花了一點點是不能修的),所以還是決定去修。本來星期五,有人跑來我實驗室來修,結果他們的工具壞了,要到下星期三才能修。就另找一家,星期六就修好了。

給釘刺損的輪胎,蠻容易的,就是要工具。但星期六到哪兒去修了…想了一下後,終於念起 WalMart ! 果然星期六,汽車維修部還營業,價錢也只不過是US$9.5+稅,

希望這個星期會順利些 ….



Subject: Kin -> First Lady -> FBI -> Kin
This evening, I’ve got another letter from (someone who wrote on behalf of ) Mr. Cannon of FBI, who is the Section Chief of the division doing name-check.  Mr. Cannon wrote to me only because Mrs. Bush had forwarded my status inquiry (Dec. 26, 2007) to them.   He used 4 paragraphs to explain to me the difference between FOIPA (that I got back quickly from FBI saying that there was no record on me) and the name check (NNCP).
Only in the last paragrah did he say that they received the name-check request on Oct. 20, 2005 (which seems to be the same date as the FBI fingerprint notice from USCIS which I did in Nov. 2005) and the request was "finalized" on Dec. 11, 2007, the same as the Congressman’s aide had told me.
Actually, I wrote to Mr. Cannon directly at about the same time that I wrote to First Lady.  And apparently he/they ignored me until First Lady forwarded my inquiry to him.  
This name-check exercise has certainly given me more hints as to how the US govt. works than those hundreds of pages that we were asked to read before the citizenship interview.


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2 Responses to Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony

  1. Paul says:

    Unfortunately, I lost my oath ceremony letter (N-445), what can I do? Do you need to present the letter at Check-in area?

    • kinyip says:

      It’s so long ago and my memory and everything about the naturalization process is quite rusty now. I guess you’ll have to contact USCIS as soon as possible !

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