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An email to a friend:
Long time no talk !   Still extremely busy with your baby ??
Yesterday, Friday, our Lab. was closed for the entire day just because of snow … While I’m writing this, the TV is talking about movies (related to Oscar etc.).  Oooh .. I have a few words to say about movies … I went to watch a new movie in theater called "Definitely, Maybe" last weekend and I’d recommend this to you. This along with "Juno" are about the best movies that I’ve watched recently.  Certainly, much better than "Atonement" !  I don’t like "Atonement" as it doesn’t really have much substance because at the end of the day, it’s just the mischief of a young girl that had ruined the lives of her sister and her sister’s boyfriend. They’ve just changed A+B=C to (A+Delta_A) + (B+Delta_B) = (C+Delta_C) and hoped that it’d be artistic.  I didn’t buy it.
I believe that I’ve probably told you about "Juno" ?  But anyway, go back to "Definitely, Maybe".
The movie starts with a father (Will Hayes) telling his daughter about his more significant love stories with 3 women in the past, including the daughter’s mother who is divorcing him !   One interesting part is that he doesn’t say which one was the daughter’s mother/his soon-to-be-divorced wife.   This movie has a good way of portraiting love stories.  It’s also interesting that Will Hayes came to New York to work in the campaign for Bill Clinton at the beginning of the stories. We’re right in the middle of another campaign of another Clinton (though it looks to be losing ground).  Will’s career is not really spectacular but the 3 women are all different and very nice. It has some elements of fairy tales (as he’s telling his love stories to his daughter) but yet it’s realistic in the sense that love comes and goes. What you have at some point may not be with you forever ; and what you lost sometimes ago may come back to you and so on …  About a fifth or quarter of the movie actually jumps out of the story-telling set, including the ending.  It looks like that it couldn’t have a happy ending — because he’s divorcing … but it’s not really bitter at the end. 
There are some elements of humor or comedy which keeps the flow smooth, warm and sweet.  The idea is not revolutionary but it’s not those searching for the unique or destined love in your life and then living happily ever afterwards.   When the time is not right, s/he may be with somebody else or married … but years later, s/he may be divorced or single (not with anybody) …
The daughter (the same daughter in the movie "Little Miss Sunshine") feels sad at the beginning because she knows that the ending couldn’t be a happy one as her father is divorcing her mother.   But at the end, she could feel sympathetic with her father because she wants her father to be happy even if it means that it’s with another woman.  I think all divorcing parents would love their children to be like that 🙂  The actors/actresses are not the most famous but if you’ve watched enough American TV/movies, you certainly recognize them.  In addition to this movie, I’ve watched a couple other DVD’s including "Premonition" which you should avoid and a HK movie called "Triad Election" … And I’ve read ~4 Chinese novels in the last 10 days or 2 weeks.  Don’t take me wrong … I’m busy with setting up an expt., taking care of a polarimetry instrumentation at BNL and even Fermilab stuff … but I’ve managed to read those books during lunch (in some restaurants) or late at night.  Most of the content in the books are again about love stories.   But I’d probably stop reading books from one author because she has always wanted either the leading male or female to die at the end of her story … leading to a sad ending. 
When I asked a colleague a few days ago during lunch whether he’d watch romantic movies or read romantic books, he said that this is not what a married person with multiple kids would do 🙂  I guess this is again the freedom of unmarried folks 🙂  By the way, in the last couple months, it seems that for the time being, I’ve changed the Thursday habit that I didn’t order Benten’s (Japanese) — Thursday is the only that Benten delivers to BNL — but went to a Turkish restaurant.
I guess you don’t have as much time as I do to watch TV’s etc….


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