Oct. 3, 2007 in West Point

An email written on Oct. 6, 2007:

Mom and I paid a visit to West Point US Military Academy on Oct. 3, 2007.

After 9/11, people can’t just drive in any more.  We have needed to pay $10 each for  a one hour tour (the bus is the typical school bus) in the West Point US Military Academy.  The site is pretty and grand etc.  But you kind of feel that $10 is too much …

The most interesting memory was seeing the cadets (the students there) queuing and marching into the dining room.  Though we couldn’t see them dine, the tour guide told us that all the (more than) four thousand students dine under the same roof and they have ~20 minutes to finish it.  I guess the food is already on the table — there are ~450 staff to make this happen (efficiently).  When they marched into the dining room (which you could see as a few lines in my photos), it’s with all the marching music played by a band (with gongs, pipes etc.)

We are told not to take photos when the bus was approaching the gate — kind of strange. The museum outside the Academy but next to the Visitor Center is kind of small though they claim it’s the largest in Western Hemisphere.  I guess if it’s really the largest, it’s only because the other countries in Western Hemisphere doesn’t have any decent military museum.  Many military museums in Europe and the one in Beijing are all considerably bigger than this small one.

Here you can view the photos that Mom and I took at West Point US Military Academy :


Maybe, this Sunday, we can go to Flushing again ….




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