Curse of the golden flower

Do I have to comment ?   …. after hesitation of a ns ==> Well, why not ?!
Haven’t I told you that if I want to watch a DVD of any sort (Chinese or American or whatever), I could just TELL (not recommend, but just "TELL") my town library to buy it for me if there isn’t one copy in the library.   I haven’t exercised this "privilege" too often as I’ve just found out this privilege < a year.  I don’t feel too ashamed especially after I’ve found that we have > 10 DVD’s for the same film "the devil wears prada" (not even Spiderman or something big).   Adding another Chinese DVD is to diversify their catalog.   Our town library does seem to be abused as some sorts of free blockbuster.   
Anyway, without me asking, I found a couple copies of DVD’s of "Curse of the Golden Flower" (滿城盡帶黃金甲) on the shelf.  Seen it ??   I didn’t want to borrow it last time … but when I saw it again on Monday, I told myself why not ?!
First of all, I think they should have used "chrysanthemum" instead of "golden power" because "chrysanthemum" is what are being used in the movie.  But I guess the distributors worry that if they use the word "chrysanthemum", many people don’t know what it is and may have problem in pronunciating it. I should do a survey tomorrow to see how many of my colleagues know what "chrysanthemum" is.   Today, when I asked a few engineers (all native English speakers) what the difference between combustible and flammable is, everybody seems to think that there is no difference.
I knew I wouldn’t be too happy about this movie and I’ve just convinced myself that I was right.  Like a few others, it’s extravagant and very showy … but the content is just hollow —- do I need Zhang Yi Mou (張藝謀) to tell me that my mother is a woman ???   It reminds me of "無極" … Zhang just shows us how high the budget of Chinese films can be today … but what else ? In the interview, he claimed that what he’s shown in the movie, all the chauvism and absolutism only existed in the past, but not any more now.  I exclaimed on my chair "what ?!" He must be kidding.   To me, I’ve just seen million bunches of chrysanthemum … but even a billion in front of me would not really impress.  Because I’ve hardly had any emotional up and down when I was watching it.  Is there any twist ?  Arguable yes … but not really.  Nothing new … except hundreds of millions of RMB may have been wasted.
I remember years ago, I went to Stony Brook to see a Korean movie called "Chung Yang".  I had some expectations.  But when it ended, I came out with huge disappointment.  Because it’s basically a story depicting how a Korean woman is loyal to her husband and how she gets rewarded at the end because of her lofty act of chastity.   I almost shouted : "Thank you for letting me know."  It doesn’t really make me think or make me want to think.  
Sometimes, I wonder whether Zhang is helping the Communist Chinese govt. to do something at some sub-conscious level.   It’s the same in "Hero" and in this movie that the Emperor/absolute power wins at the end.   So, don’t try to protest or resist or revolt, it’s all useless.
My "policy" of watching Chinese stuff only when Ruby Lin is in  is like a good "cut" in a selection process in particle physics analysis —> getting rid of most backgrounds and losing only minimal signals 🙂    Because there at least I have something that I’d enjoy watching …. hahahaha …
CNN is just showing that a San Francisco kindergarten uses only Mandarin in all subjects/classes (mathematics, history etc.) for all students of all races (white,black etc.).   It’s called something like an "immersion program" …. The students will go on to the 1st grade.   I’ve seen TV talking about this similar subject quite a few times….. Yeah … a manifestation of the growing power of China.



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