June 15, 2006: A Ruby fan

An email written on June 15, 2006:
Yes, I’m now indeed a fans ( === 粉絲 in Chinese webpages ) of 林心如 Ruby Lin…  kind of re-discovery of her.  
Have you watched TV series from Mainland China ?  I have watched a few (all related to Ruby Lin of course) in the last month or so.   As I said, those production teams are often actually from Hong Kong and/or Taiwan.  They are actually shown in Taiwan and Hong Kong — probably fee-paying channels (cable or satellite).
I don’t think there is really any significant quality gap between HK TV series and those Mainland Chinese TV series.   From those few that I watched (though probably they can hire Ruby, it couldn’t be too bad),  those Mandarin-speaking TV series gave me some kind "new" and "fresh" feelings.  I liked 地下鐵 very much which is soon to be shown in the TVB fee-paying channels in HK. … I finished watching 魔術奇緣(~2004) last weekend which is not as good … I kept on watching it to the end only because of Ruby Lin.  I’m just watching "男才女貌" (2002/3) and it is just wonderful … The conversations are really cute.  The director is the famous Stanley Tong (唐季禮) (who has also rumored to be courting Ruby) … Though it’s a bit naive, it’s kind cute  (not just Ruby … but of course Ruby is the cutest).  People not originally from Shanghai (ie. non-Shanghainese) seem to have more difficulty in locating jobs even if they graduate from the top Shanghai universities.  The "Shanghai" thing can be replaced with Hong Kong and similar stories (at least its concept) can be applied to HK ~20 years ago, when the "from Hong Kong" and "not from Hong Kong" is kind of a bigger deal.   It’s full of 20+ boys and girls … and it’s given me a lot of fun
Of course, all these may be biased by my love for Ruby … In a scene, the male lead actor said to Ruby Lin:『你知道嗎, 你笑的時候有多麼動人 …』。   This must have generated a enormous "resonance" in the hearts of all Ruby’s fans.
> Have you managed to get movies in the States?
> I am happy to post you some if you need.
You’re talking about Chinese (HK) movies ?  Not too many when my mom is not here.  I partly want to let my mom watch these Chinese (HK or not HK) stuff.    What do you mean by "post" me some ?   If you want to send me something by postal mail, though I’m happy to receive in my heart (and I really appreciate your offer),  my mind tells me that it costs too much for you to do so.  Sometimes, the postal fees may be higher than  the materials that you want to send.
And honestly speaking, I am most likely only interested in watching TV/movies of Ruby’s 🙂

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