Aug. 7, 2006: About Ruby

An email written on Aug. 7, 2006 :
I’m not sure I told you before … by accident after my Mom arrived ~the end of May, I watched the old TV series 小寶與康熙 (year 2000) (from tapes borrowed from a friend in Brooklyn/New York City), I’ve since fallen in love with Ruby Lin (林心如) who is just the sweetest/most attractive etc. etc…. (to me at least).  I’ve changed from not watching any Chinese stuff to watching many of Ruby’s TV series or movies or even listening to her songs …. Typically, these days, TV actors/actresses make the most money by doing productions in Mainland China (though there are all sorts of HK/Taiwan producers/production teams) …. and these TV series are shown everywhere in Mainland China, Taiwan, HK , Singapore ….  Ruby kind of also opens "my eye" for the Mainland/Taiwan TV and their sceneries …  I’ve spent quite a bit of money to buy VCD/DVD online (or occassionally in shops in US if I come across something of Ruby’s) — which I have never done before.  Eg. the VCD’s  for 半生緣 that I bought online was a version shown in ATV in HK… which costed me > US$66.  ( It’s cheaper in HK etc. but I’m in US …)

Honestly, I kind of place Ruby in my imagination (in dreams or day-dreaming) as my "dream lover" …  I prefer how she looks/behaves/acts  now   rather than during the periods of 還珠格格.   Actually, most of Ruby’s works have been shown in HK one way or the other … Eg. the more recent TV series of Ruby’s 地下鐵  (adapted from 幾米 cartoons) was shown (~June 2006) in  one of the TVB’s new fee-paying channels in June 2006.  And from the fans’ websites (there are just  so many fan webpages of hers), the older (~2003/4) [紫藤戀] was re-shown (again) this summer in ATV  now:

香港的亞洲電視台, 在每個星期六,日下午的一時至三時正亦是重播[紫藤戀](香港改名為酒莊情緣).

Anyway, it’s an interesting new "hobby" of mine … probably I’ve finally been fed up with the American stuff after 10 years sitting in front of the TV every night (in US) 🙂



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