Oct. 2, 2006: HK MATV also shows … miraculously avoid auto accident …

An email written on Oct. 2, 2006:
I told you about 巴黎戀歌 (being shown in KSCI etc.).  By coincidence, I read from MingPao that it’s to be shown immediately in 美亞電視劇台in HK, too.   I just posted ( as shown at the end of this email) to rubystation.com (to let other Ruby Lin’s fans know … this website is the one that I’ve used the most).   I think nobody knows as there has been no promotion of any sort ….   Have you heard of 美亞電視劇台 ?   Before today, I’ve heard of only "NOW" but not 美亞電視劇台.   I’ve just checked on this channel to see what it’s. 
I’ve watched this TV drama 《巴黎戀歌》a couple weeks ago in VCD’s in 4/5 days.  And actually, I’ve paid US$70 to buy the set of VCD’s from a Singaporean company for their Singaporean version.   Because compared to the China version, the Singaporean version is more complete/longer (by >~2 hours … the Singapore version has 30 episodes, each of ~45 mins. whereas China version has 36 versions, each of 33 mins.) and has more appearance of Ruby (the lead actress of course).  Singaporeans only paid ~US$25 to buy this in any retailer shops in Singapore but I have to cover the UPS and their bank’s wire transfer receiving fee (all included in $70).  
This is an unusual way of buying things.  But online websites (YesAsia.com etc.) sell only the China version VCD/DVD of <巴黎戀歌> at least for now.  I saw a nice Singaporean fan posted the nice VCD covers and I grabbed the email/fax from there.   The wholesaler normally doesn’t do things like that (as they told me later),  but after I sent them a few emails and a fax, they finally responded to me with a high price US$75 — and I only managed to reduce it by $5 🙂   The online sites may sell this Singaporean version or other versions (if it’s popular) in the future (a year ?) but I can’t wait.
  *                           *                               *                
From time to time, there have been some near-miss/would-be-serious traffic accidents around me.  But last Sunday, it’s really kind of miraculous in a rainy day.  I was slowing down near a traffic light.  There was a SUV behind dashing towards my back (either losing control on a slippery road or losing his attention -> not realizing that he needed to slow down as other cars were all slowing down near the traffic light).  At first, I was hoping that it’d slow down; but in a split of a second, I realized that it’s too quick for the SUV to avoid my car.  So, I swirled my car to one side and the SUV behind turned the other way trying to avoid me.   I heard a a collision though I didn’t quite feel it (you know, one should feel the collision in an exaggerated magnitude even for a minor collision).  We stopped our vehicles and came out.  I checked on my car but found almost nothing.  There was a sign of minor scratch on the bumper but even the (silver) paint was not scratched away.  I then realized that there were two cars on the other side of the road which got hit badly … one’s door was badly deformed.  The collision that I heard must be between the SUV and the other car(s).
I cheerfully chatted with that SUV driver and he said that his SUV bounced off my car and hit the other two cars.   Bouncing off my Honda Civic ?  I told him that my Honda Civic bumper (at the back) couldn’t be that strong — there was no deformation 🙂   But anyway, I was on my way to Brooklyn to meet a friend and since there wasn’t really any damage, I told him that I was leaving.  I saw his eye with gratitude and he took out his hands to shake hand with me.  See how generous I am (that I didn’t try to get some bucks out of him) 🙂
I think his SUV barely touched my Honda Civic as we both tried to avoid each other (almost successfully). Maybe, under the rotational/translational motion, the equations of motion are complicated.  There could be some minor effect of bouncing off but it couldn’t be the major factor.  The major factor must be that he tried to avoid my car and thus hit the other cars badly 🙂
發表於: 星期一 十月 02, 2006 4:13 pm       文章主題: 《巴黎戀歌》在香港的美亞電視劇台 10月3日開始播       
香港明報 的 報導/介紹 :
【明報專訊】《巴黎戀歌》美亞電視劇台(now寬頻電視第512台) 今晚起逢星期一至五晚上7時30分
今天在網上看香港明報的時候, 無意中發現這則報道. 不知有沒有如迷能看到這個 美亞電視劇台 ?

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