Oct. 21, 2006: Korean Town behind where Ruby used to stay, Taste of Chinatown

An email written on Oct. 21, 2006:

I’ve just come back from Manhattan.   I’ve easily identified Ruby’s residence from the info./photos in her book.  I was thinking of the junction of 34th St. and 7th Ave.  but it’s actually the junction of 34th St. and Broadway/6th Ave.  where the 6th Ave. and Broadway meets.  That place is near Penn. Station which is where I’d be every time I goto Manhattan (except once that I drove straight in).  Before today, I’ve always had the uncertainty about 1 block (probably the diagonal Broadway makes it more complicated than it needs to be).  But probably after today’s exercise (and the little "research" last night), I’ve removed that uncertainty +/- 1 block.   At the bottom of  that apartment buildings it said "Luxury Rental Building".
Since I was on my way to ChinaTown, I also went by her school (CES Embassy) at that time (330 7th Ave.).  Out of curiosity though I didn’t plan to, I even took lift to go up to the school (5th/6th floors) to take a look. It’s not small but probably not the biggest.
I also visited Korean town — which is meant to be between 32th and 34th from 6th Ave. to Park Ave.  But the major stretch is really on 32th St. between 5th Ave. and Broadway (only 1 block !) which has a lot of Korean shops and restaurants.  The other streets really don’t have too many Korean stuff.  The most interesting shop to me was a bookstore which also sell music, TV series and movie stuff.
Do you know that today ChinaTown has the festival of "Taste of ChinaTown" ?  Many restaurants (the most  are ~along Mott St. off Canal St.) had some counters outside and you paid $1 or $2 for their tasting plates — presumably cheaper than it should be.   But I didn’t try and I went to a restaurant "Singarean Cafe" for lunch.  I ordered 海鮮滑蛋河 which turned out to be quite good.
I’ve also gone to Time Square and around to see whether I could find any watches.  But really I only visited "Swatch" where even the stupid looking watches would cost > $50.   I think I’ll just buy the Casio Databank watches online.  I’ve found another one which has the same functions as the other one that I’ve wanted to buy.  It’s cheaper only probably because it has cloth belt instead of stainless steel belt.

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