Nov. 11, 2006: MoMA

An email written on Nov. 11, 2006 after a visit on Nov. 10, 2006 "Target Free Friday Nights":

Obviously, I’m not the only one around who hasn’t been to MoMA.   I arrived at ~4:15 pm and there are lines but it took only ~10 minutes before I could enter the exhibition halls.  Not too bad… Actually, if you came even later, ~6 pm or even earlier, you probably don’t need to deal with the lines but of course, the museum closes at 8 pm.  
I typically like seeing modern arts more than the classical stuff ( all those religious or royal/nobel paintings).  MoMA probably has the most modern collections that I’ve ever seen, even including a portrait of Condaleeza Rice (oil on canvas).  For a large portion, the modern arts are very interesting, cute, weird … but occassionally, it’s dangerously close to being "trivial" or "pop culture" or sometimes like a high-class dept. store     Fortunately, that feeling didn’t show up too often.   The oldest works there are probably in 19th century.  It also can’t avoid having works of Picasso, Van Gough, Monet etc.   I didn’t notice their name until I observe a violation of even distribution of mass over a painting which turned out to be Van Gough’s "Starry Night" …  Many modern arts also know to make use of modern technology which I actually appreciate.  There was a wall of "Campbell" soup which looked familiar — I think I’ve seen it in Washington’s National Gallery.
It took me ~70 minutes to finish watching all 5 stories … It’s good that it’s free … I’m not sure that I’d want to pay $20 to visit it.  It’s as expensive as that of Metropolitan Museum of Arts.  The latter is a better deal in my opinion.

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